11th Feb 2016
eco oxidizer

Eco Oxidiser

  Naturally oxidises water and No chlorine requirement.  Eco Oxidizer eliminates chloramines and No dull or cloudy water. No shocking required. Eco-Oxidizer Powerful All-Natural Oxidizer! The Eco Oxidizer is an...

11th Dec 2014
saltwater chlorinators

Saltigem Saltwater Chlorinators

The Trusted Name in Pool Water Management Saltwater Chlorinators – Clear sparkling water provides the perfect way to relax – whether it’s the backdrop to the perfect barbeque, enjoying the...

24th Aug 2016

Eco-Chlor SM Salt Water Chlorinator

Salt Water Chlorinator – “Flick the switch and the Eco-Chlor is the Environments best friend” Pentair Water Pool & Spa is proud to announce the release of the switch mode...