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EcoClear Glass Media

100% natural products developed to limit impact on the environment while providing the highest quality swimming pool water.

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Minder Pool Equipment

New range of Minder Pool Equipment

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Dolphin Robotic Cleaners

The best thing you’ll ever buy for your pool!
Work smarter not harder.

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Swim Spa

Great for training and entertaining.
Combination pool and spa, everything included.

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Commercial Salt Water Chlorinators

THE ANSWER for Pools Larger than 500,000L
Australian built Quality that will last.

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Hydro Therapy

Relaxing and therapeutic water treatment.
Massage beds and chairs available.
Install in any concrete pool.

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Bionizer Eco Pool Care

Save money on chemicals. Choose the natural option for your health and well being.

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Fibreglass Pools

10 unique high quality pools to suit your family’s needs.
Enjoy swimming sooner and reduce your ongoing costs.

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40 quality jacuzzi’s for you to choose.
Own your own piece of luxury today.

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Jacuzzi 2-8 persons

We have a large range of Jacuzzi’s Hot Tubs & Spas from 2 person to 8+ Persons. Contact us today to discuss.


Salt Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators, are an alternative means of sanitizing your pool with chlorine using the process of electrolysis.


Hydro Therapy SwimSpas


Hydro Therapy Swim Spas are great for physical rehabilitation and a therapeutic water treatment also great for sports & aged care.


Bionizer Eco Pool Care

front-page-boxsBionizer No Salt No Chlorine Eco friendly pool care system which can save unto 50% on your power bill. “The Healthiest, Safest, most Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Pool and Spa system – Guaranteed!”

25th Apr 2016


ScaleBlaster® is the #1 selling water conditioner in the world today. ScaleBlaster became the first and only electronic descaler to be successful in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Today,...

11th Feb 2016


Chlorine-Free Technologies “Bionizer is the the Most Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Pool and Spa System – Guaranteed.” Bionizer is a salt water pool chlorinator replacement system that uses natural mineral ions,...

11th Feb 2016

pH Boss

    Now commercial-level pH control is yours, for a fraction of the cost! The pH Boss is a fully automated pH controller that is compatible with any pool system – chlorine,...

19th Aug 2016

Beata 2 Person Jacuzzi

  Beata 2 Person Jacuzzi – Indulge in hydro-cure lounger and two comfortable massage seats. Suits 2 adults or one adult and two children. Made of Lucite or Aristech Acrylic and reinforced...

19th Aug 2016

Athena 6 Person Jacuzzi

Athena 6 Person Jacuzzi – Experience an amazing hot tub with incredible massage functions, fitted for the limited space like small garden or backyard. With the luxury lounge hot tub, stretch...

14th Dec 2014

Hydro Therapy Spa

Hydro Therapy Spa makes the stress melt away as the hydrotherapy luxury jets of the multi-jet ergonomic seating massage your tense neck and shoulders and take pressure off your back and...

04th Jan 2016
Swim spas

Swim Spas

Hydro Therapy Swim Spas are great for physical rehabilitation and therapeutic water treatment remarkably proven to aid some injuries, needs of post-surgical healing, arthritis, weight loss, strength and endurance training. A...

03rd Jul 2016

Plunge Pool

Cleopatra Plunge Pool Dimensions: 4.5 m x 2.3 M x 1.3 m deep/ Volume: 10,000 L / Weight (Shell): 160 Kg Includes Pump, Filter, Skimmer and 2 Pool returns not fitted...

07th Jan 2016

Massage Chair – Hydro Therapy Spa

This massage chair is especially designed for spa centre swimming pool. Sit there, close your eyes and enjoy the wonderful neck massage, shoulder massage, back massage, leg massage and feet...

24th Aug 2016

ScaleBlaster Commercial

ScaleBlaster the first and only electronic descaler to be successful in the residential, commercial and industrial markets.