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Maytronics Robotic Pool Cleaners  

Gain heavy-duty cleaning performance, with robust reliability for long-term, cost-effective operation. Dolphin  Residential and Commercial robotic cleaners from Maytronics are the proven, professional solution for any commercial Olympic pool in the Philippines. From small public pools to the largest, professional pools and of course every type of Residential Pool. Advanced technologies ensure comprehensive scanning of the entire pool and highly effective brushing and filtering throughout. With fully automated operation, you can have more family time or your staff can focus on other tasks and your pool water is left sparkling clear and hygienic after every cleaning cycle.

Total pool cleaning

Unique gyroscopic system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning along the entire pool.

Maximum hygiene

Active brushing efficiently removes algae and bacteria, enhancing water quality.

Advanced, high-capacity filtration

Ultra fine, dual-level filtration system leaves water clear and free of hair, dust, insects and other debris.


Fully automated, plug & play operation, with optional parameters to suit every pool, ensures easy use and maintenance.