Eco Oxidizer


Naturally oxidises water and No chlorine requirement. Eliminates chloramines and No dull or cloudy water. No shocking required.

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See Why Eco Oxidizer?




The Eco Oxidizer will oxidise your pool water without the use of chemicals.

An all-natural pool oxidising module to keep the pool water sparkling and healthy by oxidizing oils, lotions, perspiration and swimmer waste out of the water, and eliminating chloramines and trihalomethanes.

Your must-have add-on to the Bionizer

Our tested and proven technology oxidises and sanitises your pool and spa by emulating the way that the air you breath is refreshed in the very atmosphere that surrounds you. Our oxidation system produces copious quantities of hydroxyl radicals and peroxy compounds which in turn create a powerful and instantaneous sanitizing and oxidizing action on contaminants and nasties in your pool and spa water. This in turn replaces the requirement for oxidising chemicals and agents.

Pools 100,000 litres and up may require an extra “Cell Pod” depending on the “bather load” in the pool.


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