Eco-Chlor SM Salt Water Chlorinator


Salt Water Chlorinator – “Flick the switch and the Eco-Chlor is the Environments best friend”

Pentair Water Pool & Spa is proud to announce the release of the switch mode salt water chlorinator. Compact in design is the ideal environmental partner for your pool and features a sophisticated switch mode design with advanced technology that allows for 60% less electrical consumption. Working at an ambient temperature, the unit runs cooler than other chlorinators on the market and reduces voltage ripple. Manufactured in Australia, the Echo-Chlor SM has the ability to be used in water that has a very high salt content, making it attractive to every pool owner.

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Salt water pool chlorination is the most popular chlorine alternative.

Listed below are just a few of the benefits of converting to a salt water chlorination system for your pool:

  • It is gentle on the skin and eyes of pool users. Chlorine levels are significantly lower when using a salt generator, meaning sensitive pool owners are typically free from irritation when swimming in a salt water pool.
  • Salt water systems are safer than chlorinated pools. Chlorine is a dangerous substance to transport and store. When salt water pools are maintained correctly, there will be no need for harsh algaecides.
  • You experience the ‘soft water’ feel. Salt water feels much more silky and smooth to the touch, similar to rainwater, whereas chlorine leaves an abrasive feeling to pool water.
  • Salt water systems require don’t require as much maintenance.
  • The maintenance procedure is more ‘hands off’ with salt water, as the salt will produce chlorine as needed. That being so, you will still need to monitor chlorine levels to ensure your system is working fine.