eco oxidizer

Eco Oxidiser


Naturally oxidises water and No chlorine requirement. 

Eco Oxidizer eliminates chloramines and No dull or cloudy water. No shocking required.

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Powerful All-Natural Oxidizer!

The Eco Oxidizer is an all-natural pool oxidizing unit that keeps your pool water sparkling and healthy by oxidizing oils, lotions, perspiration and swimmer waste out of the water, and eliminating harmful chloramines and trihalomethanes. Our tested and proven oxidation system produces copious quantities of hydroxyl radicals and peroxy compounds which in turn create a powerful and instantaneous sanitizing and oxidizing action on contaminants in your pool and spa water. No more need for oxidizing chemicals and agents!

Why Eco-Oxidizer?

The ultimate solution for sparkling pool water

Eco Oxidizer’s electro chemical action forms potent hydroxyl radicals and peroxy compounds (H2O2) which eliminate bacteria, virus, oocysts, protozoa as well as the by-products of chlorine use – trihalomethanes and chloramines – which are banned in indoor pools for their effects on humans. So no more cryptosporidium threat as chlorine is not effective against this oocysts/protozoa unless used at very high levels.

Eco Oxidizer does all this quietly and effectively with minimum of power required. This is in contrast to salt chlorinator-type systems or the salt chlorinator-type of oxidizing back-up that low-chlorine-producing salt systems such as the EnviroSwim use to augment their products. In our opinion these are outmoded and not in sync with today’s environmentally and health-conscious-aware pool owners, who wish to avoid chlorine altogether for its various affects on asthmatic, eczema-prone and chlorine-averse people.