CrystalClear Commercial Salt Chlorinator



Power Consumption 1.30kw, 1PH AC 15A L/min 100-600 Pipe OD mm 50-80 (135Hx166Lx48w)

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Available with non-reversing or reversing cells, producing from 250g/hr to 3000g/hr

Closed system semi-automatic cell cleaning

Adanced microprocessor control unit with easy to use LCD interface

Efficient switch mode power supplies

Liquid cooled power supplies using heat exchanger technology

High-Quality lubrication free 2-way valves with option of full automation

PWM (pulse-width modulation) controlled power supplies for accurate and efficient chlorine production

Proven cell configuration incorporating the very best avaliable titanium substrate coated with mixed metal oxides

Salinity Range 3,000 – 36,000 mg/L
2 Year Full Warranty on the Power Unit and Electrodes

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