EcoClear Filter Media


More features and benefits:

Saves up to 40% water through fast backwashing

Greater filtration capacity, longer time between backwashing

FIlters down to 3 micron, resulting in crystal clear water

Electrostatic mechanical filtering

Reduces bacteria growth in filter, saves on chemical usage

Allows higher flow, improving filtration


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EcoClear is a 100% recycled, environmentally friendly media that lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional silica sand.
This product will save you money and give you a cleaner, healthier pool.
•Takes absolute waste grade <20mm – usually for dump – direct landfill saving
•Fused Amorphous Silica Dioxide
•Graded to specific tolerances:

Coarse – over laterals

Fine – for filtering

•Lower Density than Sand

15 kg EcoClear = 20 kg sand

•Comes in 15 kg bags

Additional information

Ecolear Bag Size

Eco15kg, Eco25kg