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Please be advised a local electrician maybe required for the installation if a power outlet is not easily available close to the pump.



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Salt Chlorinators Installation

How to install Gemini 30 Pool Water Management System

  • The SG Series® cell housing assembly should be plumbed into the pool return line after all other accessories (and prior to any heating take-offs).
  • Remember that the cell will need to be removed from its housing periodically for cleaning – do not place it where its removal will be obstructed.
  • Note any water flow direction on the cell housing and insure the cell housing is installed so that water will flow in this direction.
  • Connect the cell cable to the cell connector on the base of the SG Series® Power Supply.
  • Ensure that all 3 connections (2 for cell power and 1 for gas sensing) are colour matched and not loose.


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