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For the installation it required to balance the pool before configuring the equipment so please have 3-5  x 25kg bags of salt onsite for this task if the pool as not been balance 2-3 days prior.

Please note that any additives required for pre-install balancing of the pool are not included in the install cost (IE Salt, Acid, Soda Bi-Carb, Calcium Hardener or Clarifier).

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Bionizer Installation


Programming Bionizer


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  • For maintenance, more information and tips can be found in the Bionizer Instruction book that comes with your Bionizer.
  • You may only purchased the Bionizer itself for pool ionisation. Or you may also purchase the whole set including the ph Boss for ph monitoring and the Eco oxidiser for oxidising your pool (oxidizing oils, lotions, perspiration and swimmer waste out of the water, and eliminating chloramines and trihalomethane. )as an additional help in getting a crystal clear pool water.
  • A full Eco Pool Care System Bionizer has created a ‘Three-In-One’ Eco Pool System which includes automated pH control, plus our exclusive pool oxidizer. This sophisticated system controls and times the pool pump and filter, while at the same automatically maintaining the water at a level of purity and clarity that will astound you. Purchase on:




Bionizer System Set-Up


Pool Balance


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