F Series Commercial Filter


All Minder commercial filters come with the following fittings. Please inform our representative if you prefer not to have these items installed.

  • Every F or B series comes with a pressure gauge panel with dual extra large gauges. Gauges are oil-filled for long-lasting durability.
  • Sand drain allow operators to easily drain water or sand out from the tank.
  • Minder’s unique design “Air Release Valve” can manually release air inside the tank. When there is negative pressure, the valve will open automatically to minimize the impact to the filter tank.
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F series bobbin-wound fibreglass commercial filters with diameter from 1200mm to 3000mm. Filters come with

available. standard 250kpa normal working pressure and tested at 400kpa.

Standard inclusions with a 520mm top opening hatch, lateral collection system, and a fiberglass pressure gauge panel with 80mm dual oil-filed pressure gauge
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F Series Commercial Filter Sizes

F1200, F1400, F1600, F1800, F2000, F2300, F2500, F3000