Bionizer Eco Pool Care System



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  • Save 1,000 Hours Pump Time… Every Year
  • No Sneak Algae Attacks Ever Again
  • Chlorine is Gone Forever
  • No More Salt to Corrode Your Life
  • Suits All Pools to 5,000,000 Gallons
  • No More Dried Out Skin, Nails and Hair
  • No More Red Sore Eyes or Chlorine Rashes
  • Save 4 Tonnes of Water Per Year
  • Pet Friendly
  • Drinking Water Quality in Every Bionizer Pool
  • Children are Safe from Chemical Hazards


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Bionizer Eco Pool Care 

The Ultimate Eco Pool Care Pack (Bionizer, Eco Oxidizer & pH Boss) add one or all Bioniser products to your pool set-up. Bionizer products are suitable for all and every pool anywhere… sold over 25 countries in all climates. Over 100 Australian pool builders choose Bionizer…

Swimming in fresh clear water should be every pool owner’s joy. The Bionizer pool purifier will deliver you an algae free and pure pool day in day out with the bare minimum of effort and expense.

Like all good clean technology – the more simple the operating system, the more effective it is.

How Does An Ionizer Work?

Pool ionisation is a way to sanitise pool water without the use of (harsh) chemicals and therefore a safe and the ideal solution for people with allergies, eczema or asthma. Water ionising is a way of sanitising water that has been first implemented by NASA for water treatment in the NASA Space Shuttle. Bionizer has refined and adapted this technology to get an optimal solution for pool sanitisation.

bionizer eco pool care


There are the obvious benefits such as your health and safety having been enhanced plus economically frugal and eco-safe operation including the Bionizer using recyclable materials where at all possible. Then there is the not so obvious things like time saved on pool maintenance, swimming enjoyment and family fun.

These things can’t be underestimated when the overall benefits of pool ownership are tallied.

You will experience the convenience of a sophisticated clean-tech system that will just keep working with only minimal pool care from you.

Easy well spaced anode changes and the option of a chlorine free operation – the list goes on. No more sore red eyes and no more corroded screens or rotted faded swimwear. No more dry skin or hair that splits when dried.

Bionizer (unlike most other ionizers) is compatible with the latest Zeolite and glass beads filter medium.

It is built to last and last so you have peace in your mind and joy in your soul.

Bionizer attaches to your pool /spa system easily and quickly – even the most inexperienced person will be able to fit and set up the Bionizer for operation within minutes – 30 minutes at most.

You will be amazed at the difference that a Bionizer system makes to your life and your power bills.

Bionizer User Manual

Eco Oxidizer Instructions Manual

pH Boss Instructions Manual


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