Activated Filter Media (AFM)


 AFM® The unique bio-resistant activated Filter Media

What is AFM®?

AFM® is an Activated Filter Media manufactured from green glass to replace sand in all types of sand lters. AFM® is a revolutionary step by provi- ding more than a 30 % performance bene t over sand. The activated surface of AFM® is self-sterili- zing which prevents bacteria mud-balling, coagula- tion and worm-hole channelling of un ltered water through the lter bed. Activation increases the surface area 300 times. Similar to activated carbon, the surface nano-structure adsorbs pollutants from the water to produce crystal clear sparking water with no chlorine smell.

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AFM® reduces the biological risk from bacteria and parasites as well as the chemical risk from water and air just above the surface. The result is a safer pool for children, a healthier work place for staff

in public pools and a greatly improved swimming experience for everyone.

AFM® is successfully working in over 100‘000 private and public swimming pools worldwide.

Who is Dryden Aqua?

We are marine biologists specialising in swimming pool water treatment.
Our mission is to eliminate toxic chlorine by-products and provide the best air and water quality on the market. For over 30 years we have been working with chlorinated systems for dolphins and other aquatic mammals before successfully introducing our technology to the pool industry. Today, as a testament to the performance, safety and benefits of our integrated water treatment system, there are over 100‘000 swimming pools worldwide using our products.

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