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Cleopatra Plunge Pool

Dimensions: 4.5 m x 2.3 M x 1.3 m deep/ Volume: 10,000 L / Weight (Shell): 160 Kg

Includes Pump, Filter, Skimmer and 2 Pool returns not fitted .

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Plunge pools are often used by athletes for rehab and recovery. Hot and cold plunge pools are a beneficial way to get back in the game fast to win.


During intense exercise muscles experience microtraumas or tiny tears within individual muscle fibers. When microtraumas occur they trigger an increase in cell activity which generates muscle fiber repair. Over a period of time and with repetition, this process helps strengthen muscles.

Cold water plunges sounds like the polar bear swims some people subject themselves to every year however they’re nowhere near that extreme. As a matter of fact, cold water plunge pools have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and were extremely popular with the Ancient Romans. When coming off of a heavy exercise routine, out of a sauna or steam room or even out of a spa, cold water plunges can have some very therapeutic effects. And there is science behind it to prove it.

People of the past enjoyed the sensation of going from an intensely warm environment to a chilly environment in a matter of seconds. Cold plunge pools are a European phenomenon dating back to the Romans. Cold water therapy has also been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. People of today understand the health benefits that are associated with such a dramatic change in water temperature.

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